Treatments for bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder is another form of mood disorder and people afflicted with it often experience mania and depression. Bipolar I and II Bipolar are basically the two types of bipolar disorder. In bipolar I, the patients experience both mania and depression while hypomania and depression are the common consequences in bipolar II.

The causes of bipolar disorders are still unclear but recent studies have indicated genetics as one of the major root causes of the condition. But, there is less evidence that proves that a particular gene is linked to the transmission of bipolar disorder. Certain investigations claim that indeed genetic vulnerability coupled with stressful events may be the likeliest reasons behind bipolar disorder.

Leaving aside the causes many people are still unclear about the possible treatments for bipolar disorder. Medication is one of the most commonly used treatment procedures. Lithium is popularly used to help reduce the frequency of episodes. Yet, there are often side effects like weight gain, lethargy and kidney malfunction involved in medications and patients may discontinue their medications. Many people also take to electroconvulsive therapy or ECT but only in severe cases. This treatment too, however, is plagued by side effects like temporary short-term memory loss and confusions.

Psychotherapy is another of the known treatments for bipolar disorder wherein cognitive therapy and interpersonal therapy are claimed to be the most popular methods. Both of these forms of therapies are highly structured and considered to be for short-term. There have been instances where patients are offered a combination of both medication and psychotherapy in order to stabilize them and prevent relapse.


It may be pointed out that people suffering from bipolar disorder need therapists who can help them exercise cognitive control over their emotions as well as recognize the variations in their condition, manage interpersonal relationships, and impart proper remedial exercises.

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