Smoothie mixér- useful information you need to know

So you’ve discovered about the health benefits of drinking smoothie and have decided to give it a try by using the regular blender. You put in the fruits, ice, yogurt and all the required ingredients and start the machine. You sit with a glass of smoothie and start to enjoy the delicious drink. But instead if the smooth and easy on the throat drink, you find uncrushed ice and bits of fruits in your mouth. This may not be really a convenient way of enjoying you smoothie.

The unpleasant experience is because of using the blender and not the smoothie mixér. The mixer is made exclusively for making smoothies but blenders were made for other purpose that is why they cannot deliver satisfied results. When you use the smoothie machine there is no chance of getting lump of ice or fruits and veggies in your drink.

Athletes and fitness freaks use to add protein powder and nuts in their smoothie to derive more benefits. A smoothie mixér has the ability to grind and pulverize whatever ingredients to toss in it and not leave bits and pulp of ice and fruits. It usually comes with three to five level of speeds. The features you will find in a smoothie machine that are different from blenders are the cup holder and the dispensing spout. You don’t have to lift the entire pitcher to fill your cup, you can open the spout and pour the content in your cup. The machine also comes with a stir stick with which you can blend the ingredients while the machine is running.

There are over whelming number of product in the market and choosing one can be difficult. Therefore, review websites help people make a good decision while buying new things. Some products can reach the price of up to 200$. But if you are low on budget you can still get some models below hundred dollar.


With your own smoothie mixér at home, you don’t have to worry about spending extra money on smoothies. You can also enjoy smooth and finely crushed drinks. There are hundreds of recipes and even more than that which you can make at home and enjoy.

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